Project 131

Finally, I was able to watch Maroon 5 perform live! And in prime seats too (or prime area. Haven’t really done much seating). Anyway, the concert was amazing. I can now scratch 1… Continue reading

Project 130

Writing Project 129 while having a backup of my files at home. I was trying to sleep early but I knew that I would not be able to that. Just trying to fool… Continue reading

Project 129

Here is the “something wonderful” that happened to me yesterday. I was able to snag some tickets for the Maroon 5 concert tomorrow. Hahaha! See, tickets were already sold out 3 days after… Continue reading

Project 128

Nothing picture worthy again happened yesterday. Unless you count me spending the whole day in bed and just watching tv and playing ps3 all day. Perfect Saturday. However, something wonderful happened to me… Continue reading

Project 127

Sorry, nothing picture-worthy happened yesterday. I was a little swamped at work and I went home earlier than usual. Anyway, I think it’s proper to still post here even if I don’t have… Continue reading

Project 126

Peter treated me to mcdo meal earlier. He’s an old officemate from my previous company and now works for Mcdo. He still owes me my free Mcdo GC’s though, haha!

Project 125

Spent my lunch alone so I just ordered a chicken-spaghetti combo from Jollibee and ate at my desk (already ate the spag, haha). I was watching eat bulaga while eating using my other… Continue reading


No photo here. Wasn’t able to post on time my pictures for the day as I had been quite busy lately at work and at home ( you may direct your complaints to… Continue reading

Project 124

Was able to go home early last night and played a little with Sachi. Took a picture of her wearing her shades but my photo was not a good shot and then her… Continue reading

Project 123

Received a good news and ate at Omikase. Salmon sashimi is heart forever and ever!!!!! Anyway, pictured above is a finished beef bento box. I really should take a mental note to take… Continue reading